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I reach for that woman all drenched in light. And my tears run down as the grim around, on me and within, is pierced by the golden bright. And she hugs me still as her slim arm holds wide the door.
And now I tremor as I stare down the horror I brought before this door. The marks remain but I’m healed just the same, growing strong as I soak in the light.
This overflow is warm and true. It embraces, folds over, scented clean. And when I’m alone, I turn and step into that hue Where I drop down before my King.
Pleasure exudes, grace profuse, I weep for glory unfolds. Then I stand, half turn and lean bold against the plane of the door I get to hold.
My bowed back straightening, widen my eyes to the unknown. The door remains open and my heart keeps thumping, trusting the light alone.

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