Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Original Fantasy Art

I did this piece from ideas in my head in 2007. I was sick of drawing from observation and photos so I decided to let loose, basically. It's done in ink and I titled it "Star Goddess."

I am very interested in artwork that has a strong graphic or design element. I experimented with using lighter and darker values in order to give the piece depth. When I initially sketched it onto the paper, which is about 3.5'x2.5', I began with the female figure. I wanted her to be powerful and nameless, which is why she has no facial features.

She makes me think of a dancer or a fairy bounding through some mystical place as she creates it. The flowing lines at the bottom are growing toward her as she sparks life through her fingertips. Everything she touches is alive and thriving and beautiful.

Doing this drawing was like releasing a big sigh of relief and it still makes me feel that way when I look at it.

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