Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Artistic t-shirts

These images are designs I created for a t-shirt I took the original logo (above) and redrew it in a more loose/abstract way. I came up with the idea after writing down words that described what bombbomb does. Among them I wrote the words "exciting and easy," as bombbomb is an online resource that helps businesses build, track, send and measure email marketing campaigns. It's pretty sweet. mmm hmmm!

So what comes to mind when you think exciting and easy? For me it was the chick to the left. Sassy. For the shirt, the figure would be on the back and my handwritten would be on the front across the chest.

Then, what appear to be phases of the moon (below) are phases of the bomb! I drew them on a piece of paper and then edited them a bit using photoshop. I imagine them to be printed on a black t-shirt. email since day one baby.


  1. That is the bomb!

  2. I LOVE this sketch- love it, love it! Edgy, fun, and so unexpected! is fortunate to have your talent.