Friday, January 22, 2010

Fine Art Lithograph

When I discovered I could make unique, original artwork using printmaking techniques, I became fascinated with the new range of art-making possibilities available to me.

I was afraid for the last 3 years to take a printmaking class at Colorado College. All I ever heard were horror stories about how time consuming, technical and difficult the classes were. And I just wasn't very interested in printing as an art form. I held painting as the ultimate form of "high art." Everything else was just messing around (but what is art anyway? I make my best discoveries when I am "messing" with stuff).

This last semester I sucked it up and decided to learn about printmaking just so I could say I could do it, and then I would go on my with my artistic life and have it as a skill listed on my resume.

One day I was playing around with some stencils I had made, which were images I found in magazines and collaged together to make their combined shape resemble a flower. I "rolled up" meaning I applied ink to the stencils and placed them on the aluminum plate and then ran it all through a press to stamp the image onto the plate.

After going through the lithographic etching process, which includes the application of phosphoric acid in various quantities (among other things), I printed ten editions of the above image (16"x24").

So, I am a converted print maker. It's an interesting way to make art and I believe in it so much that I am currently creating my senior thesis art show using these techniques. I am learning that some of the same "rules" apply to prints as they do to painting. My lesson from this week is a recurring lesson. You'd think I would have it down by now but here it is: Simple is better. Duh!

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  1. I love that I am a proud owner of one of your original litho-flowers. It's one of our favorites pieces of art- and so totally elegant!