Saturday, January 16, 2010

Landscape Drawing

This is the final drawing I did for the Landscape Drawing class. I used diluted india ink and a brush. I had never drawn rushing water before so it was definitely a challenge.

When I picked this spot it was somewhat strategic because I was completely hidden down by the river. We were staying in these cabins at the Mt. Princeton hot springs resort in Colorado, and as my friend Kate said, I have a crazy knack for picking up the sketchiest guys. So...I was hiding.

I am glad I was kinda forced to go down there since I usually don't pick this type of imagery to draw or paint. I generally pick more open spaces. I really enjoyed doing the bushes and trees in the back and the water turned out but I struggled with it the most. My butt was frozen by the end since I was sitting in the snow...there are worse things I suppose.

1 comment:

  1. There's a lot of great movement in this piece. It was worth the frozen body parts! Way to hide out and be creative!