Monday, January 25, 2010

Printmaking Artist

Making prints really just blows my mind some days. I still don't know how to "look" at the prints I make. I still see them from a painter's perspective. I have been learning how to critique a painting since I was a kid but I didn't know what monoprints* were until this last semester!

Aside from the fact that I still feel brand new at this, I had a great talk with my professor today about my most current work (meaning the stuff I did today-depicted in this post). She said something about how I approach my work in the printshop. That "painter's perspective" I was talking about actually seems to be working to my advantage. It could just be my incapability to perform perfection, but I can't control exactly how each print is going to come off the press, no matter how well I compose it on the plate. It does make the process exciting and unpredictable at times.

So I look at what I like about the prints I have done and then I try to recreate those elements in another composition. Then something else happens that I wasn't planning...and on it goes.

These prints are 13" squares on Rives BFK paper.

*monoprint: a single, one of a kind print unlike an edition print that is one of a number of identical prints

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  1. Oooh! These are fun. I LOVE the green one... looks like VERY good things are happening!