Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stone Lithograph

This is another litho (7"x10") but I drew the image onto a stone this time.

When you etch a litho stone, which is limestone (rather than an aluminum plate), you have to use nitric acid. It's crazy stuff and I became so fascinated with it when I was learning the process that I kinda scared my professor. She had to take me aside later and make sure I understood how dangerous of a chemical it was. Haha! I never did any damage with it besides burn a small hole through the toe of my boots...

Anyway, this is a little house just downtown Colorado Springs. I sketched it from life on paper first and then redrew it onto the stone, without breathing too closely or touching the edges. The litho stones are so touchy. You can't let any foreign grease get on it or it will print that way. And they weigh like 40 pounds! I seriously got a little work out every time I had to move it. The results were worth it though... cause now I'm jacked!

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