Friday, February 26, 2010

Art Reception

The show's opening on Monday was a lot of fun. I think I talked my lips off but I was excited to have so many people interested in what I have been dedicating myself to for the last month. A lot of people came and Conor filmed the whole thing so there will be a video clip or two later. I am also putting together photos of the actual artworks so that you can see them close up.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Art Show!

This is the invitation for my art show.

If you are in town I would love to see you there!

Mountains Drawing

This is one of the views from the road just near the Mt. Princeton hot springs resort. I think I've just about got up all of my drawings from that class. This drawing was a quick 15-20 minute ink and brush moment on 11"x15" paper.

This blog is about to be bombarded by my thesis show work. I am in the last week. Home stretch! The show opens Monday the 22nd!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rocks Drawing

I did this 6.5"x11" ink drawing with reed pen on paper on my day off in Buena Vista last month. I wanted to do a "medium" length drawing meaning that it is neither a quick 15 minute drawing or a 2 day long drawing. I took about five or six hours on it.

I was up at my friend Holly's house that weekend with some other people from the Winter Landscape drawing class. We drove about 15 minutes to get away from the tiny-for-seven-people cabin we were staying in at the Mt. Princeton hot springs.
We had Sunday off so we drove only 15 minutes to stay at Holly's and enjoyed having a full kitchen and our own beds for 2 nights.

It is beautiful up there in the mountains just above Buena Vista and the views are amazing of course. The collegiate peaks are part of the Sawatch Range of massive mountains (all above 14,000 ft.) just outside of town.

Below: where I sat to observe the above drawing. I came up with the idea for the composition from sitting in the hot tub earlier that morning...yeah, life is rough.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pen and Ink Drawing

Another piece from the Winter Landscape drawing class I took in January. The second picture is a photo of the area but not from the same spot where I sat to draw the scene. I am pretty sure that is Mt. Antero drawn in the background since it is the one just south of Mt. Princeton.

Anyway, this was a nice setting to draw in since it was exposed to the sun all day and I could sit comfortably in the snow...better than rocks or a wet log, ya know.

The tree was the most fun. I drew (well it felt more like painting) with diluted india ink and a brush. At the end I touched it up with a reed pen to give it some sharper lines.

The drawing is 15"x11" on paper.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Contemporary Landscape Art

After I built this 3ft. square canvas stretcher, I painted the scene with oil paints.

I began working from a photo I took while camping near Monarch Mountain last summer (09). It was about 5:30am and the misty light was just beginning to come up through the trees. My brother and I were standing in the sun to get warm when I snapped this picture.

After working on this piece for a couple weeks, I ditched the photo and started getting a little more stylistic (meaning: painting from my imagination, or just putting paint where it felt good).

My main focus for this piece was to learn how to paint light. In terms of subject matter, this was a new type of landscape for me. It was interesting to paint something that felt like a more enclosed space rather than a sprawling stretch of land. I am pleased with the results.