Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Art Exhibition: Monoprints

These are a few images from my show, "A Certain Resemblance," which were exhibited in Packard Hall during the week of February 22-26.

The actual hanging of my works was the most difficult part of this process for me. I spent 14 hours the Saturday before the opening of the show trying to figure out how to display everything...well really not everything. What I ended up putting on the walls was probably 1/4 of the amount of work I produced during the previous 5 weeks. It was a difficult weeding process.

However, now that it is all over with, I have been spending some time documenting everything, both the work in the show and the stuff that didn't fit in. I will continue to upload photos of these images.

A note about my prints:

Each is an original, matchless, one-of-a-kind work of art. I made up a technique using stencils that I created (by collaging found images together) in order to imprint an embossed image onto the paper. So, if you were to flip over any of these prints, you would see and be able to feel the raised area where the image is printed on the reverse side.

The smaller square prints are generally about 13" square and the larger are full sheets 22"x30".

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