Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Custom Wall Mural

I painted this mural over the summer (2009). I had five days to do this 30'x10' mural on the side of a house- so the lines you see are shadows from the side paneling. I used house paint, which was a total trip since it changes colors (dramatically) when it dries! Not like a mood ring or anything, but a light spring green, for example, turned into army green when it dried. Once I got the hang of it though, it wasn't so bad.

But seriously, this was a marathon mural. The owner of the Dale Street Cafe wanted this new patio area to be finished for the "Night of Art" dinner and wine tasting event. The walls inside the cafe are filled with beautiful pieces from local artists and the event was meant to showcase their works. So I ended up working on the mural for 14 hours on some days, but it was fun to just get into it. I was 'living and breathing' this mural that week (or maybe just huffing paint fumes by default).

Hui Yon, the owner and head chef, really likes flowers so she said to do something green with flowers- and beautiful. So, I went back to my favorite Costa Rica pictures to make up some sketches. I did a small drawing and a small painting of the middle scene (between the two windows) before I started and then made up the side panels as I went. Hui Yon's husband, Dave came out one day and told me he wanted a waterfall. I told him "then a waterfall is what you shall have." The tiger was part of the original plan and is meant to represent Colorado College tiger spirit since the cafe is just off campus.


  1. The Ticos would be so proud! And that you pulled this beautiful art off on the side of an old Victorian is even more amazing and a testament to your skill.

  2. Wow Megan that is amazing! You did a beautiful job! Now a lot of peple will be able to enjoy it! You Dickersons sure are talented! Congrats on the engagement! Hope the wedding plans are coming along smoothly!