Thursday, July 8, 2010

Graphic Book Design

My friend Kate and I made a book using only printmaking techniques and our graphic design and drawing abilities. The above design I created on my computer and then we printed it out and transferred it onto an inked sheet of heavy paper. There were seven pages in all and each was a reference to different stages of a student's daily life at Colorado College. This page is entitled "interaction."

And then Conor and I marched ourselves to the church and got married! That took a chunk out of my blogging life. I also the same week we got married. I hardly remember graduation, and I would really have a hard time remembering the wedding if there weren't a zillion pictures of it. We didn't hire a photographer, but my friend, Summer, who is a photographer decided to take our pictures as her gift to us. My brother also took a ton, so it worked out very well in the end.

Life happens a lot faster now. Not being obligated to a school schedule really opens up opportunities, but somehow makes the days seem shorter. Where does the time go? I used to think the days went by so slowly.