Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Painting Food

Well, my sister is obsessed with food, she even has a blog about it; so when she wants to have a painting party at our mom's house (and it's her idea) we paint food. When it's my idea, we paint flowers. But anyway.... as our mother has been the instigator of our creative pursuits since we were all young (there's four of us total: three girls one boy), she happily hosts painting sessions in her basement studio in her home.
shallots and asparagus 8x10, oil on canvas
We set up a still life, put on a "pretty" movie (as I like to call that genre of movies including anything inspired by Jane Austen's novels) just to listen to in the background, and then we all go for it!

When my nieces, Sofia (5 this month) and Julia (2 1/2) wake up from their naps, they always want to paint too. It gets a little crazy at this point, and there is definitely no hope left for my mom's carpet. I will take a picture of this scene for you the next time it goes down.

pink roses 10x13, oil on panel


  1. Oh, the flowers are so pretty...but just LOOK at those shallots and asparagus!!! Yum. Yum.