Monday, February 13, 2012

Exploding with Joy

I can barely describe the happiness I felt and the joy that was exploding out of me when I painted this. Typical me, I decided to paint a vast landscape of the mountains and plains of Colorado.

This particular scene may be appreciated as you cruise down US-285 passing Crestone, Colorado. We took a little vacation there when Clio was about 3 months old. It was a nice place to get away. Really quirky and lots of hippies, so naturally that's where my alma mater's Baca campus is located.

I snapped a picture as we were driving home on a beautiful day in August (2011). Oh DANG IT! I just realized that I signed the painting today and dated it with a '11. Not a big deal. Ok.... anyway...

The mountains are always awesome and the Sangre de Cristo range was particularly stunning on this day. I will admit, however, that it was not the mountains that I was most excited to paint, but the clouds and the sky.

3 hour drive there...not her favorite
sleepin' with daddy
The sand dunes

UFO lookout platform
dipping our toes in the Arkansas R. on the way home


  1. That painting is gorgeous! But not quite as gorgeous as your little girl :) We can't wait to see you guys soon!

  2. What a precious storyline of photos! The painting turned out great!