Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In a Poster Contest Frenzy!

Maybe it was my seldom seen competitive spirit resurfacing, or maybe I just needed to make something, or maybe it was the $500 and VIP tickets reward! but I entered a poster contest for the upcoming 2nd annual USA Pro Cycling Challenge.
Vote here!
Colorado Springs is a host city for the race (stage 5), so I spent every tiny spare minute I had last week and made a few posters for my town. My house was in shambles by the time I submitted my artworks, and I think my husband and my child felt slightly neglected in the process, but I think it was worth it, even if I don't win. I do need to thank my mom for watching Clio and Conor for letting me borrow the new mouse!

This is my personal favorite, and the last one I created. My brother, Adam, was my model (thanks, Dude!) on a sunny day the other weekend. We took a ride through Garden of the Gods and I snapped a few pictures, which I then manipulated for the final posters. 

If you think of it, please vote for my designs on Facebook! 
It's very simple to vote and the public vote is going on now through March 30.


  1. Clio is fun to hang out with so it was no problem:)

    Nice designs!

  2. I like the waterbottle tossed one. Very cool! Well done, meg!