Sunday, November 4, 2012

G44 Gallery Show Opening- Monoprints

As the opening of a show featuring my artwork alongside artist, Joe Higgins, at the G44 Gallery in Colorado Springs, CO approaches (opening Nov. 9), I realize that I have never fully described my artistic process and how I discovered my own monoprints.

Knowing my artistic tendencies leaned toward bright color and graphic style, my friend and fellow art major, Kate, nudged me toward taking a printmaking class, late fall 2009 during our senior year at Colorado College. I originally didn't want to do printmaking because I thought it involved an overly technical process that left no room for true inspiration. It was only a week into the class that I was proved wrong.

Before the paper ever reaches the press bed, I spend hours flipping through magazines, newspapers, old sketchbooks, postcards, anything made out of paper that has an image on it. When an interesting shape catches my attention: a shoe, ice cream cone, a skirt, a woman's hair, I cut it out and try to fit it together with another found image. The idea is to intertwine them so that they become one image. The finished shape hopefully resembles some sort of living, botanical plant, but it doesn't always. Once these pieces are carefully glued together, they are laminated and used as stencils in the print shop. It takes about an hour to hunt for and make a single shape that you see in any one of my monoprints.

One afternoon in 2009, again my friend, Kate, came across me spray painting one of my stencils onto a piece of paper. She said something like, "You should print that!" It was then that I fell in love with the sharp, embossed edges and sometimes mischievous character of the work I peeled off the press bed.

My artwork is on the right side of the poster.
At the G44 Gallery are some of the monoprints born from this time of discovery at Colorado College. In 2010 I exhibited my thesis artworks in Packard Hall and received a great positive response (although they were not for sale at that time), which I think in part led me to covet these particular monoprints until now. I realize that no one would gather a beautiful bouquet and store it away. So these artworks are out of hiding, available for the first time, and ready to be enjoyed again.

Opening Night
Friday, November 9

G44 Gallery
1785 S. 8th Street, Suite A
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

To see more of my monoprints please visit

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